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Jam am Willi is an interdisciplinary artistic community that connects creators and audiences through live art. We bring people together in public spaces where they can experience freedom, art, and improvisation.



The motor  of  Jam am Willi is called Sara Peña Cagigas a Spanish dancer, creator and former dancer of Theater Hagen. Sara had the desire to create an event for the city of Hagen where culture would not have any restriction, where the artists could have the space to experiment and where audience would feel part of, with any type of condition.

Thanks to Maik Schumacher and his experience as culture manager of the district of Wehringhausen, Jam am Willi became alive.


With the simple idea to create art freely for and with the audience, we chose the heart of Weringhausen and the square of Wilhelmsplatz, one of the most intercultural areas in Hagen, as our starting point.

Sponsoring & Founding

But we could not have done this without all the people that help and support us. 

About JaW

Sponsoring & founding
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